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Time proof design.

AMV Design has come a long way since its foundation in 1998.
Over the last thirty years, its founder members’ acumen and innovation, plus a dynamic team of skilled professionals, have enabled AMV Design to become an Italian and international success story.

Flair, feasibility and efficiency are the three cornerstones on which its clients’ projects are founded. AMV Design has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Industrialization, a system that ensures its products are both feasible and competitive.

We have always believed that the road towards improvement and staying in tune with the market is to reinvest the fruits of growth into development and innovative technology. In recent years, this policy has brought a string of successes and has enabled us to achieve ambitious objectives, recruit major clients and complete an array of high-profile projects. As a result, our business has expanded and started to look even further ahead.
Like many other companies in Italy, AMV Design has continued to do business despite a sluggish international economy and the disinterest and inefficiency of the nation’s institutions.

The international markets challenge.

When we started to explore the Asian market, in 2007, we could not hope for such a prompt feedback and impressive success. Our choice to open in Shanghai was determined by the charm that this country exercises on new challenges seekers. China is currently the most interesting design incubator in the world: you can find vitality, interactions, and new lifestyles. Everything is new: market, trend, consumers, structures and brands. There is an extraordinary energy, big appetite and endless challenges.