Fimer and Brain Bee: two winning bets!

Fimer and Brain Bee: two winning bets!


AMV Design - Fimer charging stations
Let us talk about vehicles. Let us talk about technology.
We're talking about Italian companies that have a brilliant vision of the scenarios taking place in our country, as they observe the evolution of the market and actively participate to be protagonists of future mobility.
Fimer, a company from Vimercate, is the first operator in Italy in terms of production and infrastructure related to electric mobility.
At the end September, Fimer presented at That's Mobility the two new charging systems lines for electric vehicles.
The first system works with alternating current up to 22 kW and the second system is the high-speed variant, in direct current, up to 350 kW, named Hyperfast. This version is able to provide an electric vehicle with a range of more than 200 Km in just 10 minutes of recharge. The Design and engineering was entrusted to AMV Design, which has been able to combine design and technology, developing the new concepts of style designed for an increasingly demanding Users and attentive to the quality and functionality of the product.
'The challenge of ultra-fast charging allows Fimer to compete at the highest levels of current technologies': was explained by the head of the E-Mobility division of the Vimercate Company, Mr. Diego Trabucchi, during the presentation.
Hyperfast has the unique peculiarity of being modular; it is a scalable system, according to power multiples of 75 kW connected in parallel to satisfy the demand from several electric cars with absorption prospects up to 350 Kw. It is an ambitious installation architecture that bets on future public and private recharging infrastructure. Fimer believes and invests, with the optics and the right attitude of those who see far away.

AMV Design - Connex in Adi Index 2018
We have already mentioned Brain Bee in the past, a company of which we are design partners, and their jewel car-diagnostics tool: The Connex. Well, Connex has been selected at the ADI Design Index 2018 in the category "design for work".
It is a prestigious award for Brain Bee and for those like us, who take care of the styling. The Connex terminal is a device designed for those who use this kind of device every day; functionality and ergonomics are essential requirements, but the design, as always, makes a difference, even in the industry.
And properly during the event of the ADI Design Index, the importance of design in the world of professional and industry products, has been repeatedly several times confirmed as capable of bringing a real competitive advantage in the market.
Giving benefit to a product and differentiating it from the competition is an innate skill for us Italians and the selection of ADI Index is its reconfirmation.