Exploring the future of the glass processing

Exploring the future of the glass processing


AMV Design - The future of glass processing

AMV Design Italian Industrial Design Studio - Landglass exibition at China Glass
AMV Design - Landglass UltraJet Glass Tempering Furnace

Ultrajet. This is the name of the latest "made in Landglass" innovation presented at the Chinaglass Fair in Beijing. It is new inside and outside. This Machine represents a combination between the excellent technological ability of the Chinese Company and the Italian creativity of AMV Design: be able to give always new forms to the industrial sector.
Inheriting the attributes of classic JetConvection technology, the new-generation UltraJet series Glass Tempering Furnace fulfills the diversified demands from architecture and furniture, automobile, home appliance, and solar power industries for flat and bent tempered glass with both quality and capacity guaranteed.
Unlike the traditional convection equipment, the new series employs the world’s latest heating control technology to achieve precise control and even heating. In the meantime, by using flexible control over glass oscillation, the flatness of glass is greatly improved. Furthermore, the new generation glass tempering equipment can automatically adjust the heating temperature and convection strength during the process, meeting the demand for high quality tempered glass while reducing energy consumption.

AMV Design - AMV Design - Landglass Chianaglass 2019 Booth
AMV Design can boast a consolidated partnership with Landglass, whose product Design has curated for years. A relationship that has grown up over time in terms of trust, and that has allowed AMV to support completely the Chinese company in the development of many different projects.
The Stand designed for this latest Beijing fair is definitely futuristic and follows the new evolutionary path desired for the new line of Ultrajet machines.
This new style was created specifically to obtain the High-Tech and dynamic appearance, revolutionizing the previous aesthetic concepts. The goal was to satisfy the “limits” of metal working parts, to break visually the squared and vertical shapes of panels, creating the faceted and inclined shapes, so to get the dynamic and very modern assembly view. The inspiration for this stylistic revolution was taken from the stylistic concepts of aerospace and automotive world.
Landglass's choices have proven to be effective and have allowed the Company to concretely overcome the challenges of the global market, advancing continuously and with perseverance of intent towards the goal of world leadership.

AMV Design - AMV Design - Landglass Ultrajet Glass tempering furnace