Stara: a new cabin for the Imperador

Stara: a new cabin for the Imperador


AMV Design - The cabin of Stara new Imperador -

AMV Design Italian Industrial Design Studio - Stara Imperador cabin
Stara - Imperador 3.0
AMV Design - Imperador cabin - Stara

Imperador, is the new agricultural machine produced by Stara that was presented during the Rural Coopavel Show, held in Cascavel, Brasil.
The Imperador 3.0 is a sprayer with central booms but can become a spreader and a pneumatic seeder: a 3-in-1 machine.
 Such innovation brings greater efficiency to the farmer in his work for his crop, besides the operational costs reduction.
 The 3000 and 4000 Imperadores new line also has the most comfortable cabin in the category, with ample space, excellent peripheral vision and more comfort and ergonomics for the operator.
AMV Design has designed and engineered both interiors and exteriors of the cabin, focusing its expertise and creativity in the study of volumes. The challenge in the construction of the cabins of this type is the ability to combine safety, functional integration with a modern and lean design; to meet all standards and regulations with the precise aim of improving the operator's experience.
In this kind of projects, industrial design must be driven by usability but without penalizing the shape that must be strong, sturdy and able to communicate robustness and reliability.

AMV Design - Stara - cabin of imperador agricolture machine

That's why the cabin is designed around the operator who therefore enjoys a large living space and maximum maneuverability.
From the ergonomic and rational driving position, the operator has an immediate accessibility to all the on-board instruments, including the joystick and the multifunctional armrest, the monitor, the storage compartments, one of which is refrigerated.
 Next to the driver is a rotatable and positionable passenger seat for better enjoyment of the cabin.
 To complete the cabin there are many other kinds of comfort, a perfect soundproofing and air conditioning.
Externally the glazed surfaces are curved and in full-height for a all-round visibility.
The new roof has a sleek line that integrates front, lateral and rear lights. The upper part provides for the installation of devices such as GPS and anemometer.
Focusing design on a pleasant use experience makes the operator more efficient.

This cabin, in addition to being an ideal work space, is entirely exploitable and reusable in other contexts because it perfectly combines operational practicality, technological innovations with the aesthetic refinement of a high-quality design.