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  • AMV Design Trentesimo anniversario: Giovanni Soldini e Antonio Pianto
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    Thirty Years Riding the wave
    And the challenge still goes on
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  • AMV Design Industrial Machinery: Flat Glass Tempering furnace
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Design must ensure that everythimg man-made is beautiful and functional.

Paolo Varotto
The industrial design process implies complex problem-solving strategies. It involves a close relation between users with problems to solve and designers with solutions to offer. Nevertheless, designers often ignore the users’ needs.
A real, useful and innovative product improving life quality must be created using passion and experience, and most of all placing the human being at the center. You can create a product in many different ways, but the ultimate goal is achieving the best way to satisfy its function.


We all have favorite brands, but why do we like them so much: for their product design? Their advertising? Their being clearly different from the competitors?
AMV Design focus on differentiating and targeting the goal with simplicity and strong visual impact. A branding clever strategy results in a clear and coherent message


In the last years, the term “design” has been overused, often without knowing its real meaning and applications.
Innovative amazing aesthetic lines still need to satisfy feasibility, modularity, ergonomic, costs and production technology needs. In AMV we do not “draw”, we do “Industrial Design”.


Once the engineering stage is complete, we provide our clients with the technical documentation they need for the sales, installation and after-sales stages. This documentation includes catalogues, price lists, technical brochures, user’s manuals, maintenance and workshop instructions and spare-parts manuals.
This process combines clear, user-friendly information with a pinch of Italian flair to ensure each document is unique and coordinated with the finished item.


The passage from the design to the final product realization is very delicate. The right choice of materials and technological processes, thickness dimensions, fixings, shrinking, undercuts, couplings,
are all aspects that AMV Design takes into account when developing the engineering, and uses them to create construction drawings for production.


We work alongside our clients to design the graphic and multimedia material that support the sale of their products. Brochures, catalogues, renderings, websites and 3D videos are all part of our service, and our inhouse experts specialize in a comprehensive range of communication fields.
Multimedia technology is evolving before our very eyes, and AMV Design is quick to harness the latest developments in order to add value both to our products and to our clients’ reputations.

AMV treats every concept as a real proposal; this declaration of intent leads to products that encompass all of the prototype’s original stylistic features.

Antonio Pinato
Ideas are transformed into product concepts. A concept specifies the new product promise, its perceptive characteristics, its target consumer. These distinctive features are maintained from the creative to the production process.
The instruments used during all the different realization phases, from the design to the first prototype, allow the information not to get lost. Characteristics, dimensions, materials of each single item as well as functioning and exterior qualities materialize in a prototype for customer evaluation.

Work Process

Amv Design Work Process 1 Concept design
1 Concept design
This phase produces the ideas and the shapes for the main features of the project. It involves devising the style guidelines, as well as a range of construction and assembly solutions for the bodywork parts. Once a style study has been conducted, the best proposals are selected and evaluated in terms of their technical and construction feasibility.
Amv Design Work Process 2. Feasibility and ergonomic studies
2. Feasibility and ergonomic studies
This stage is vital as it will either make or break a concept; ergonomics, along with style, is a key factor and feasibility determines whether a product is viable in terms of technology and costs. As a result we are able to present our clients with a definitive project that will not need to be overhauled in the industrialization phase.
Amv Design Work Process 3. Final style proposals
3. Final style proposals
The final style is presented in a series of images that afford a detailed look at the complete vehicle and its main parts from different angles. This stage also includes a full description of the style and feasibility studies, as well as an estimate, on demand, for the costs of the equipment and the bodywork parts.
Amv Design Work Process 4. Screening room
4. Screening room
The screening room is where we view and assess our designs on a 1:1 scale; it provides a clearer idea as to how the finished product will look.
Amv Design Work Process 5. Style surfaces
5. Style surfaces
Once the design has been approved, we create a mathematical model of the style surfaces. This stage brings the forms to life in a blend of style and engineering. Accurate data transmission and constant supervision by the design manager ensure that the original style concept is maintained and that the finished product is first-rate.
Amv Design Work Process 6. Mock-up
6. Mock-up
Mock-up production for style and ergonomics approval in full or reduced scale, by employing rapid prototyping or CNC machining
Amv Design Work Process 7. Engineering
7. Engineering
We design the plastic and mechanical parts of the chassis, as well as the parts that connect it to the bodywork. We also install commercially available and manufacturer’s parts, such as the engine, gearbox, brakes and electrics, until the whole vehicle has been assembled.
Amv Design Work Process 8. Functional prototype
8. Functional prototype
Our close working relationship with highly specialised workshops and bodyshops enables us to build functional prototypes that test the technical and mechanical features of the new vehicle. These prototypes are the final step towards the creation of a brand-new product. The next stage is the pre-series launch, for which we provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services.
Amv Design Work Process 9. Production line
9. Production line
Consultancy and support to define industrial production technologies.

Latest Works

A selection of our latest works.
An expression of our talent and skills.

Why Choose Us?

Strategic thinking

A design studio follows a defined process focusing on quality and innovation. The result? A technology that goes beyond what customers normally expect.

Empathy with customers

Research and skills are used to create real solutions for real needs.

Cross-industry experience

Working for a wide variety of clients from different fields and different countries provides a priceless support to achieving a new approach and developing a unique product.

Current materials and technology

Consultancies knowledge is always up-to-date. Experience of tooling and manufacturing helps making the right choice to bring an improvement in quality and cost savings.


Visualizing a project at all stages allows a preferable evaluation.

Useful contacts

Design consultancies can also help with good contacts for production opportunities in key countries.

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A white sheet, a pencil.
Who can resist the temptation to start drawing?
Somebody takes it as a job; others, like us, still feel a baby pleasure in holding their colored pencils.

Clear Design

Visual communication.
Quick and efficient.
Just a few seconds to emotionally engage, either positively or negatively, the spectator.

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design industriale


design industriale


design industriale

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