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The best things are achieved only with great passion

Every day Antonio Pinato and Paolo Varotto work with their team to face fresh, new challenges by devoting all of their energy to AMV Design.
They have run the company for 30 years,
and today they are seeking new markets and branching into new sectors at one of the most turbulent times in the world’s economy in order to ensure constant, solid growth for their business.

Company Founders

Hello & Welcome!

We love smart Design, we have magic skills.

Paolo Varotto
Design and Engineering Manager

Nice to meet!

We design. We develop. With passion.

Antonio Pinato



We want to be the impulse for cultural change in design and engineering. We want to be the best choice.


AMV design designs, develops and provides personal support. We change the way our customers perceive design. We interpret the product and we give it a new life.


We focus on the customer for a close partnership; we focus on our workers to strengthen the team spirit.